The enemy of Good

My friend and colleague Spencer Walden wrote an article - Start your code projects NOW. His idea is to nurture a habit of doing something small, but persistently. So that once you start to do it, you would want to continue and not break the chain of activity.

My problem is not only consistently working and not breaking the chain. It is hard for me to start a project. More than often, I have these great ideas burning in my head, I know these ideas will become something great, if I can just make a start. However I struggle to make a start. Allow me to give you an example to explain what I mean in detail.

 I started drawing on blank coffee cups a couple of months ago. You probably have seen them on my Instagram or Twitter. My coffee cup drawings were quite well received, they even boosted my Instagram followers. Then I thought, maybe I should setup a project page on my site for these coffee cups. All right, it sounds like a good idea. But then, I thought I can’t just use the photos from my Instagram, because I didn’t take them under the proper light, and the background of the photos isn’t nice enough. My coffee cups wouldn’t stand out. I should find a sunny Sunday, use my proper camera and take some nice photos of the coffee cups. Then I find I am always too busy to do it. Do you get where I come from now?

If I used all the photos I have already taken on my Instagram,  I could have setup my project page within 10 minutes. What stopped me? My perfectionism. I could’ve setup the page month ago, and by now, maybe 10 more people, or 50 more people would’ve known my coffee cup project. What does that lead to? More encouraging words from a crowd to keep me drawing more coffee cups? Maybe even sell some of my cups for charity fundraising? It could only open more doors for me.

Now you got my point! Don’t let Perfect be the enemy of Good. Starting from something small, but nice and easy, that you are still passionate about. Not anything too big to become a burden, not too heavy to interfere with your everyday life. If you can keep doing this, one day when you look back, you will find that you have gone so much further then could have ever imagined!

Therefor, I have started my everyday sketch project. I don’t want to set a goal for myself this time. I don’t want to say, I will keep doing this for 30 days, or a year. I only want to do it. Everyday, less than 20 minutes for a sketch that doesn’t have to be prefect or meaningful, my only goal is keep doing it. Imagine after a year the amount of drawing practice this would add up too! If it was exactly 20 minutes that would be 122 of solid sketching a year!

Join me and start doing something small in your life consistently everyday and share your ideas around.

Norah HanComment