Painting my way to a wedding stationery designer

For years, my friends and colleagues have been urging me to do something with my artistic talent, open an Etsy shop or something alike to spread my creative spirit. Today, I'm super excited to announce that I have finally decided on what I will do! But before I tell you the details, I'd like to share the story of how I came to this moment. 

First of all, I didn't know I had any artistic talent. The story started when I showed my drawings to two of my best friends and they were impressed with them. So they suggested that I should put the artworks in my portfolio and send it along with my resume. (I was in the middle of a job hunt). I didn't believe that my personal interest could be of any help to me finding a job, but I did it anyway. It turned out to work well. After that I realised that people enjoy and appreciate creativity, and I happen to have a passion for art. From that moment on, I tell people around me about my work. It is their warm encouragement that has kept me creating for all these years. My coffee cup project was a great outcome influenced by it. I learnt to enjoy sharing my creativity with people who are close to me.

Recently, the passion inside me started to crave more. I want to bring joy to more people by sharing my creation. I tried many ways and using different media to express myself in the last few years, and yet failed to have anything solid to share with you. Call it an artist's perfectionism, but nothing seemed to be perfect enough. The aha-moment came a few days ago after I discovered the online floral studio Lime tree bower . The founder Helen is a product manager who worked at Atlassian. (If you know the software industry you would know it's a bigass company.) She started her own floral business about two years ago. It struck me that she didn't build her business by imagining how perfect it could be, but by actually doing the things she is passionate about. There's never a better moment than NOW. I should stop learning to do, but learn in doing. 

As a User Experience designer, I used my professional skills to help me figure out where I should start. I asked myself the following 3 questions and wrote down whatever came to my mind quickly within 3 minutes.

What is my passion/what I enjoy doing?

Painting, drawing, crafting, creating stuff, joy, visual communication, psychology, beautiful things, minimalism, happiness, friends and family, podcasts, swimming, calligraphy, start ups.

What are my skills?

User experience design, product design, graphic design, building websites, all sorts of designing tools, workshop facilitation, sketch note taking, product research, customer interviews, mind mapping, agile software development process,  

What am I willing to struggle for? 

The pain of learning and growing, the struggle along the way of building things, late night painting. (Rather than asking myself what I want, I asked this question, as inspired by this article ) 

I wanted to find the things that tick as many boxes as possible. Something wedding related would be a perfect fit. I used to have the dream of becoming a wedding planner, even designed an wedding planning app prototype. My problem is that I’m passionate about many things. Focus, focus, focus Norah! So how about wedding stationery design! With my great passion for beautiful things, drawing and calligraphy, wedding stationery design seems like a perfect fit. That's it! My mind is set on this idea. Now I want to use my blog to document my way to building my passion into a business. I might succeed, I might fail, but at the end of the day, the journey is its own reward. Are you ready for the ride? Let's do this together! Stay tuned on my next move. 

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